Wednesday, September 4

Friday, August 30

blue summer

you can enjoy this post if you hear this song

Unofficially, summer, came to an end. 
And that's kind of sad cause I didn't get enough of it. Actually, I'll never be able to get enough of it. I spent all of my summer laughing, dancing and photographing. 
 For me, summer means Greece and summer in Greece means colors (especially the color blue. I think it's the ideal color for summer) beautiful sunsets, stunning (greek) places, new love stories, new friendships. 
And the thing I love the most about summer is that you can spend a whole day wearing only your favorite swimsuit and a pair of sunglasses. 
nothing more.nothing less


Tuesday, June 11

favorite Places N Spaces

 (my beloved Thessaloniki)

 (Thessaloniki, Greece)

 (Portofino, Italy)

 (Santorini, Greece)

 (Italy, Turin. sister's home)


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